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MCEC, 30 Oakthorpe Road
Palmers Green, London
N13 5JL, United Kingdom

T: +44 20 8920 3990

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Thursday Classes

Learning about the glorious Quran

Imam Hassan Ali covers a tafsir of the 30th Juzz of the Quran, Thursday  evenings at 7:30pm

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Past Lectures

Al-Tariq 1.mp3
Al-Tariq 2.mp3
Al-A'la 1.mp3
Al-A'la 2.mp3
Al-Ghashiya 1.mp3
Al-Ghashiya 2.mp3
Al-Fajr 1.mp3
Al-Fajr 2.mp3
Al-Tin 1.mp3
Al-Tin 2.mp3
Al-Alaq 2.mp3
Al-Alaq 3.mp3
Al-Bayyinah 1.mp3
Al-Bayyinah 2.mp3
Al-Bayyinah 3.mp3
Al-'Adiyat 2.mp3
Al-Qari'a 1.mp3
Al-Qari'a 2.mp3
Al-Asr 1.mp3
Al-Asr 2.mp3
Al-Humazah 1.mp3
Al-Humazah 2.mp3
Kauthar 1.mp3
Kauthar 2.mp3