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Food & Drink

Halal Food Advice

All sources of food are lawful except those forbidden in the Al-Quran and Al-Sunnah.

Unlawful food of animal origin

  • Pigs, carnivorous animals, birds of prey

  • Any meat or derivative from an animal which died before proper Islamic slaughter

  • Any meat or derivative from animals not slaughtered according to Islamic Law

  • Blood and blood by-products

  • Non-vegetarian cheese

Unlawful drink

  • Alcoholic drinks including sherry and wine; special attention should be given to artificial flavourings as the majority have alcohol as solvents when processed

  • All forms of intoxicating and hazardous drinks

Unlawful food additives

  • All food additives and ingredients such as gelatine,enzymes, and emulsifiers derived from unlawful animals or blood

  • Additives with E-numbers -E120,E441 and E542 are definitely non-Halal. Many other additives with E-numbers are doubtful as they can originate from an animal or vegetarian source.

The Philosophy Behind the Concept of Halal (by Mohammed El-Mouelhy)

Islam places a very strong emphasis on cleanliness in everything. As such, before performing our daily prayers, ablution, as means of cleansing ourselves, is compulsory, and must be performed in the correct manner. The concept of cleanliness is also extended to other matters, especially in context of food and drink.


What Is Halal? (by Mohammed El-Mouelhy)


The meaning of the word Halal is: "Permitted, allowed, authorised, approved, sanctioned, lawful, legal, legitimate or licit."

When used in relation to food or drink in any form whatsoever it means that it is permitted and fit for consumption by Muslims.


What Is Haraam? (by Mohammed El-Mouelhy)


The meaning of the word haram is: "Not permitted / not allowed / unauthorized / unapproved / unsanctioned / unlawful, illegal / illegitimate or illicit."

When used in relation to food or drink in any form whatsoever it means that it is not permitted and unfit for consumption by Muslims.


Quranic Ayas About Food (Interpreted by Mohamed El-Mouelhy)

O you people, eat of what is on earth lawful and good, and do not follow the footsteps of Satan, for he is to you an avowed enemy. 11:168


Guidelines for Halal Slaughter


The conditions required for Halal slaughter of animals and birds are:

  • The abattoir or factory must be under the close and constant supervision of a Halal Certifier.

  • The premises, machinery and equipment must be cleansed according to Islamic Sharia (law) before any production takes place.

  • The Slaughter-man must be a mature an pious Muslim of sound mind who understands fully the fundamentals and conditions relating to Halal slaughter and be approved by the religious authorities.

  • Only acceptable live animals and birds can be slaughtered.

  • The slaughter must be done manually using a stainless steel knife.

  • Facilities must be available for rinsing the knife after each kill.

  • The slaughter-man must sever the respiratory tract, oesophagus and jugular vein.

  • The animal must be completely dead before skinning takes place.

  • Only Halal animals and birds are Halal Slaughtered

A Guide to Halal Food Selection by HALAL FOUNDATION

(Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America. P.O. Box 425, Bedford Park, IL 60499)

The Prophet said to leave what we are in doubt about and to keep what we are not in doubt about. We should do our best to eat and provide lawful food for our family. We are providing you the guidelines to find out whether or not the ingredients of the food you are eating are Halal.

See List of Halal Ingredients /