Our History & Values


Engendering positive action in British Society for its betterment

Working closely with faith and non-faith organisations to build grassroots charitable work

Taking a modern, pluralistic view of Islam while adhering to the traditional sciences
Working to bring understanding between faiths and within the fold of Islam
Ensuring our staff understand they serve the community and are working for the betterment of the society we live in
Working with young people to help them live an ethical life, contributing for the civic good and retaining their Islamic ethos
Holding ourselves to the highest standards while ensuring an even higher quality of service
Being professional in our dealings married with the compassion that Islam demands of us



Prayer Hall

The main prayer hall takes shape

Ground floor complete

During the Summer of 2002, the ground floor was completed

Blockwork begins

After another wet winter, blockwork began in Spring 2002

Putting up the Steel

Summer 2001 saw the steel structure being put up

Laying out the floorplan

As Spring came, progress sped up

Digging the Foundations

Despite a wet winter, the foundations we dug very quickly

Breaking Ground

The diggers moved in in early 2001 as work commenced after 6 years of fundraising and planning.

The Vision

Architects drew up plans for the building as you see here.

Land Purchase

The old Oakthorpe Sports ground was derelict land which had become useless and so the local community banded together to help with the purchase.