August Marriage Match Event: Sunday August 19th: 3:30pm & 6:30pm

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You are invited to August’s introduction event. This event will take place as follows on Sunday 19th August inshaa’Allah: 3:30pm: 20 years to 35 years old 6:30pm: 30 years to 45 years old Join us in shaa’Allah, along with a ‘mehram’ (i.e. a parent, guardian, brother or sister) to meet with like-minded potential marriage partners, in a secure and monitored environment. Our events are designed to give you the opportunity to meet with prospective marriage partners in an informal, halal setting. We attract people from various backgrounds and ethnicities. Please note, you must be a British national. The groups will be strictly by age group, so please come at the right time to avoid disappointment. If you are between 30-35 years old you can choose which session you’d like to attend. Entrance fee: £7 per applicant. Enquiries: [email protected]  ]]>

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