Covid-19 Support: Food Packages

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MCEC was delighted to work with Global One 2015 and in collaboration
with Ponders End Mosque, Edmonton Islamic Centre, and Rumi Mosque
to deliver food packs to 120 vulnerable families from the BAME
community from August 2020 to October 2020.

With the hard work of Global One to secure funds through the London Community Fund, an additional 60 households were supported because of the generosity of the BAME faith community through our mosque network. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of the community in donating additional food items. This generosity meant we were able to support double the number of families and provide many more items than initially intended.

With the high death rates, grief, trauma and fear that the COVID-19 pandemic has created in our communities, this project has been a light amid darkness with the whole community coming forward to support in whatever way
they can.

“When you are going through such difficult situation, you can’t think beyond the next day or the day after, you are going through so many emotional ups and down- by giving that one month’s supply- I knew that at least I didn’t have to worry about food.”

Beneficiary who was coping with death of partner

The repercussion of COVID 19 and the lockdown on our beneficiaries was varied. We helped
families who were having to cope with bereavement and a loss of income; the elderly and vulnerable who were self-isolating
female-headed households that were struggling to do their grocery shopping because their children were home due to school closures.

Due to the pandemic and lockdown, families were less able to turn to people outside of their household for help. Through this grant and our project, we were able to contribute in a way that could ease some of the burden and provide support in a discreet and dignified manner.

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