Jumuah restarting 17 July

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Inshaallah we will restart Jumuah prayers from 17th July 2020.

The diversity in our community means we are taking a cautious approach to reopening. There will be entry restrictions and numbers will be limited.
Age restrictions still apply (no under 12s or over 70s) and masks, prayer mats and shoe bags must be brought or you may be refused entry.
for more details on the policy please read here

Doors Open – 12:30

Khutbah – 13:15

Prayer – 13:30

Doors Close – 14:00


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One thought on “Jumuah restarting 17 July

  1. My brothers, I don’t honestly believe that you may call that a Jumuah prayer. It is my understanding that it is a REQUIREMENT to have absolutely no restrictions upon entry for the Jumuah prayer of any kind. If there is any matter of safety and restrictions must be imposed, then the prayer itself should not be held until a time, where there is complete security for ALL who wish to attend (as is compulsory for us). How can you possibly restrict entry to Jumuah prayer for any reason, and still hold a valid Jumuah prayer is unfathomable to me.
    If i am misguided please can you kindly correct me. May Allah have mercy upon us all.

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