MCEC Rohingya Appeal

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Many of you will have seen the horrendous images, footage and stories coming from The Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar and Bangladesh.

There are many humanitarian organizations raising funds right now, however, please be aware that a lot of these organizations will not yet have permission to operate in these refugee camps from the Bangladesh Government. Any organizations operating without such a permit will be doing so illegally.
Here at Palmers Green Mosque, we are working with a partner organization who will insha’Allah be meeting Bangladesh Government officials on Sunday to finalize details. The funds raised will be to ensure that refugee families receive a survival pack which includes
We estimate that with £100 we can provide basic necessities for a Rohingya family (average 4-5 persons), consisting of:
[table id=2 /]
We are working to ensure our partner organisation secure funding for administration and transportation from other sources so you can be assured that 100% of your donation goes to where it needs to.
If you would like to contribute to Delivery cost (incl. Vehicles, packaging, labour, administration) then please donate separately at the office.
Today’s Jummah collection (Friday 15 September) will go towards this fund, and insha’Allah we will have a few more events to raise more funds over the next few weeks.
Remember, MCEC is working to ensure that any project we get engaged in will be sustainable and in the long term are looking to see how the Rohingya refugees can be helped in areas such as building livelihoods, sanitation and health.

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