Exams and Success

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The end of the year is not an easy time for any student, they are pressured with exams, coursework and deadlines. However we know this is a journey of a student’s life and to assess their knowledge is part of success or failure.

We would like to remember our local GreenStars Youth and Youngsters in their exams and end of year mocks or tests.

May Allah grant you success, happiness, increase your knowledge and give you the results you want for your future endeavours and aspirations. Ameen.

Tips for success during exams:

  1. Intention: Regardless of the situation you are in, have a sincere intention that you would like to achieve goodness and succeed, for yourself and not for others. Do not take pride in your success around others, be humble!
  2. Making prayer your priority: Make your revision timetable and breaks around prayer times, and you will see how Allah (swt) places ease in your exams.
  3. Dua: Making dua at all times is a game changer. Dua of gratitude, gratefulness should be made to Allah (swt). In addition ask Allah (swt) for help and strength to complete your exams.
  4. Time management: Know your timings and be punctual for all your exams.
  5. Be organised: Have a routine and timetable that you follow which will help you prepare for your exams.
  6. Start with the name of Allah (swt) and send praises to the beloved Prophet (saw).
  7. When your results come, be thankful for what you achieved, what you put in is what you would have received, in terms of effort, revision and understanding.

Dua’s for exams:

وَقُلْ رَّبِّ زِدۡنِىۡ عِلۡمًا

“My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.” (Surah Taha, Verse 114)

قَالَ رَبِّ اشۡرَحۡ لِىۡ صَدۡرِىْ

My Lord! Uplift my heart for me (Surah Taha, Verse 25)

وَيَسِّرۡ لِىۡۤ اَمۡرِىْ

 and ease my task for me (Surah Taha, Verse 26)

May Allah make it easy for all our youngsters and youth in their exams and grant them success, Ameen

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