Helping Teachers understand Islam

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Palmers Green Mosque was very pleased to be able to deliver a first for us as an organisation.

All teaching staff from Oakleigh Primary School joined us for two hour sessions over two days covering a multitude of topics.

As we worked through topics such as the basics of Islam, comparison with other Abrahamic faiths and differences between culture and religion, we also had open Q&A sessions covering other topics which the teachers encounter in their role as educators of Muslim children.

Over the two days of training, the visitors from the school also had opportunity to tour the Mosque and know more about services rendered including the role of a mosque as a community centre to the support offered to the wider community from feeding homeless, youth clubs and other charitable projects.

The objective was to ensure that misconceptions about Islam were clarified and also we explored how to meet parents expectations and children needs, and the use of sensory teaching methods were explored for children with special needs.

Overall it was a great two days for us and we look forward to working more closely with Oakleigh Primary School in the future.


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