November 2020 COVID-19 Lockdown Arrangements

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Following the announcement of the UK government’s 2nd COVID-19 lockdown, MCEC Palmers Green Mosque will apply the following changes from Thursday 5th November inshaAllah:

✅ ONLY Individual prayers permitted
❌No congregational prayers at all from Fajr of Thursday 5th of November
❌No small jamaats permitted even if you are part of the same social bubble

❌No Jumaa prayers on and from Friday 6th November
❌No Zuhr prayer on Jumaa (Fridays)

✅ Track and trace login/registration must be completed by all visitors
✅ Max 30 person capacity for individual prayer

Please adhere to the guidelines set and any instructions from MCEC staff to ensure we safely and successfully use our beloved masjid. Marshalls and Imams and other staff will be present to ensure the rules are adhered to.

❗Any breach of guideline could result in severe consequences including large fines and risk of a full closure
💚 Help to keep our community safe, inshaAllah.
❗Please do not be the reason the masjid closes.

Items you must bring from home when attending the mosque:

☝🏾A prayer mat
☝🏾Any type of face covering/mask
☝🏾A shoe bag

A reminder of measures when attending the mosque:

✅ Please maintain social distancing

✅ Please pay attention to the one way system and signs

✅ Doors open 15 minutes before & closed 15 minutes after published salah times

❌ Do not congregate or crowd areas

❌ Wudhu and toilet facilities will not be available

❌ No access to Qur’ans / bookshelves

❌ Children under 6 should stay home

❌ If you have any underlying health conditions, flu-like symptoms, or are shielding please stay home

✅ Essential services, e.g. funerals, remain operational but at limited capacity please contact us for further details

📲 Online sermons, lectures and lessons remain operational, please make use of them via our social media platforms

💷 We continue to rely on your donations, please continue to make your regular donations online even while we are closed for Jumaa prayers.

Your patience, kindness and co-operation is appreciated.
Please forgive us for any shortcomings.

🤲🏽 May Allah (swt) grant us guidance, safety and unity. Ameen.

For any questions in addition to the MCEC guidelines please contact:
[email protected]

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