Dar-ul-Sukun – MCEC Helps Disabled youth in Pakistan

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MCEC work hard to make sure donations you give, especially in Sadaqa and Zakat are used properly. We try to make sure that we look for sustainable projects or projects which have clear tangible outcomes which result in the ‘biggest bang for your buck’. We then ask each project to provide documentary evidence of what they have done with your donations so we can report back. Dar ul Sukun in Karachi works with abandoned children with various disabilities, children with non-disability, marginalized and vulnerable people who have been refused by the society and from their families. In March 2018 MCEC donated just over £22,000 for the following:

Dormitory beds 3 @ 346500 Rupees (PKR)
Dormitory cupboards 3 @ 64500 (PKR)
Total 1,233,000 (PKR)
Nursery beds 1,040,000 (PKR)
Nursery cupboards 1,00,400 (PKR)
Total 1,140,400 (PKR)
Rehab room 1,153,000 (PKR)
Total payment is 3,526,400 Rupees
Using an exchange rate of £1:PKR160
Total £22040
We received pictures back today of the entire setup from Dar Ul Sukun and are pleased to share them with you.
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